What’s Your Love Language?

I have a confession to make – I am so old school that I write all my posts down on paper first. I know, I know – tech support (aka the Hubster) goes on and on about the benefits of digital, but there is just something that connects me to my thoughts better when I WRITE in my own hand. I still write paper lists too. (Yes, I recycle the paper, and I’m working on converting to digital).

I have a notebook I use that has random self-discovery questions in it. I’ve had it for a few years and bought it because I love the cover, it just spoke to me instantly when I saw it. I only started using it when I started writing posts for this page. One of the questions in it is, “How do you show the people in your life that you care about them?”

My favorite book to write in. I got it at Marshall’s, or Target, or somewhere like that, years ago. Just the cover makes me smile 🙂

That, of course, got me to thinking about the very popular book by Gary Chapman, “The Five Love Languages”. Everyone has their own way that they tend to show love, and what they need to feel loved. (You can find more on that here: https://cratedwithlove.com/blog/five-love-languages-and-what-they-mean/ ).

I totally get it. Words of affirmation aren’t everyone’s first choice and are hard for some of us. Some of us are better at acts of service for others, spending quality time with others, or showing love through physical touch, just as some examples.

We all show love differently and in this time of social distancing, we can feel a little lost if we can’t get or show the kind of love and care we need to. I tend to feed people to show love – it’s an Italian thing. Even now, I will text neighbors to come to pick up goodies I’ve left for them on my porch or theirs. I sometimes feel like the local dealer, dropping my goodies off in stealthy social distance mode or watching like a stalker to see the goods get picked up off my porch!

Another keto recipe- strawberry keto bread – that was divvied up and shared about the neighborhood several times. (I’ll be sharing that recipe in an upcoming Favorite Things post so stay tuned!)

However, in these unprecedented times, we all are adjusting to lots of new ways of doing things. Maybe words aren’t your forte, but we can help you try with one of our templates. Or even a questionnaire – you don’t have to write a thing for those! You COULD answer the questions yourself and send those with another copy to your person of choice, OR just send some questions and see where it goes. The connection comes where we make it, and in whatever form we choose to find it in.

It’s so easy to reach out and let people know we are thinking of them in this age of technology. How fun is it to receive ACTUAL MAIL though? Or an email that isn’t spam or a bill? Yep, kickin’ it old school can brighten someone’s day too.! 🙂

Giving the gift of true connection in any way you choose is the most important thing, especially now. Whether you’re a food dealer like me, or a random act of kindness doer, or anything in between. If you choose to connect with our letters or questionnaires to help you, we’re good with that too. Happy to be able to help 🙂

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