Stay at Home Day 5,437

Okay, it’s obviously not been THAT long … I don’t think. However, as my stay at home orders started about six weeks before everyone else’s due to my surgeries, it’s starting to FEEL like that long.

I’m sure you get it, no matter how long it’s been for you. Staying socially distant is hard. Worth it, but hard. And this from someone who periodically self quarantines when the flu is really bad, or other random nastiness is going around due to my immunocompromised situation. I’d say I’m used to it, and in a way I am, but not usually with everyone else home doing online learning and being all out of sorts as well.

I’m finding myself swinging between being super productive in somewhat unusual ways, or feeling completely brain dead and exhausted with little in between. It’s kind of a crap shoot every morning as to which way the wind is gonna blow.

For example, yesterday after supervising breakfast and morning routines, I decided to do yoga on the (pollen covered) back deck. The weather was gorgeous, light breezes whispering through the trees and sunny skies. I grabbed my mat and had a great session. Got up at the end … covered in pollen and dog hair… (insert face palm here). Not surprising since I could see the pollen everywhere and while the dog hair may be stealthier, that porch is one of their favorite spots.

the dogs taking ownership of their favorite porch chair

So, what do I do? I – of course – enthusiastically vacuum the back porch, furniture, and rugs to clean it all up… too late to stop my allergy attack, which would have required cleaning it BEFORE yoga, of course. And let’s not get started on the logic of VACUUMING OUTSIDE! (Although, in my defense, I did watch my neighbor weed his grass, by hand, so we all seem to be doing some crazy sh… stuff 😉 ). The amount of accomplishment I felt was also probably – most definitely – out of proportion to the actual task. That’s quarantine life for ya!

vacuumed versus not vacuumed.
because i know you were wondering

I’ve taken up woodburning lately (see the post on “Mad Quarantine Skills”) so maybe I’m inhaling too many fumes. Maybe it’s not enough oxygen. I don’t know. I do know that the porch vacuuming incident was just one of many questionable choices here in stay at home life. ‘Fess up, you’ve made some too.

No? Fine. Be that way. But I call shenanigans on that answer.

I also took several pictures of the sun streaming through the backyard azaleas, the pugs (because – PUGS!) and of the raspberries floating in my Bubly ( ). Have you guys tried this stuff?? It’s the Hubster’s new favorite drink. And while I am not a soda drinker, I LOVE IT! It’s not sweet at all and has a hint of whatever the flavor is, so it doesn’t overpower you. You have GOT to try this! I know everything is out of stock everywhere right now but you can find it in grocery stores and online.

is the photo off kilter, or am i?? either way, love this stuff!

Back to my point. I’m playing with the phone camera, but still really prefer my actual camera. Yes, the pics on this site are overwhelmingly taken by yours truly. (The ones I don’t take will be credited to whoever did).

Guess what else I’ve done in my seemingly endless quarantine ? STARTED SOME QUESTION LETTERS FOR MY FRIENDS!! (You saw that coming, right? Shameless plug. I accept responsibility for that 🙂 ).

Since mail is a questionable concern, you can download them in PDF form and email them if you’d rather. It’s actually a fun thing to do in these crazy times, and if you ask other people some questions, chances are they’re gonna want to ask YOU some questions. See where I’m going with this? It’s an endless cycle of fun!

As you can see, today is one of those enthusiastic days for me LOL. Seriously though, let’s keep working on keeping people close and letting them know we are thinking of them. In fact, if you have any new question suggestions please share! We’re always looking for more good ideas to make this site better.

And please share some of your crazy quarantine activities with me. If not so I can laugh at YOU, then at least so I can feel a little less crazy. 🙂

Hubster demonstrating Mav’s corona mask with a napkin – maybe we’ve all been home too long…
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