Reset your Soul

The other day I took a slow but steady walk around the neighborhood and was almost shocked at how NORMAL everything seems when you go outside. Kids outside playing with siblings and pets. Lawnmowers revving. It seemed like every guy around was cleaning out their garage ( which, amusingly, my husband was doing at the time ).

I wasn’t alone, as I took Ben Platt – or his latest album anyway- along with me. ( Spotify, or on Amazon and other streaming services). The combination of what felt like the perfect music for a Sunday morning walk only added to the whole “all is well” vibe.

azaleas in bloom everywhere i look

It was a powerful reminder to me of what a huge piece of my well being involves music and nature. I hadn’t exactly forgotten, it’s just that events of the last few weeks almost made it seem like feeling peaceful or joyful was somehow inappropriate for the time we are in. It was surprising to realize how much I’d let anxiety and worry permeate my everyday thought process and underlying mood, despite my efforts to the contrary. (What?? I am HUMAN and not SUPERHUMAN?? Get. Out. ).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an anxiety and worry riddled time for all of us. But it’s okay to feel those things and not let them dominate your mood or your soul settings. ( You know, the things that need to be in place for you to feel at peace).

Since that walk, I’ve been spending more intentional time outside on a daily basis, whether I am on the back porch reading or meandering through the neighborhood. And I also always have a friend with me – that’s really what music is for all of us, right? A friend who always knows what to say to help us remember (or forget), pumps us up (or settles us down). Music always knows what to say.

the pugs vying for the patch of sun on their back porch cushion

Today I’m hanging with my old friend Bob Seger (whose farewell concert was PHENOMENAL, by the way!! I dragged myself to that show with a massive sinus infection because there was NO WAY I was missing saying goodbye!). The birds are chirping away, the dogs are snoozing in patches of sun. It’s about as peaceful as it can get back here.

What your favorite ways to find some peace in these crazy times? And who is your go to artist/song/genre you take with you on the way? Make sure to try to spend some time with them today!

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