Podcast, anyone?

As we continue to practice social distancing and staying home and trauma pandemic schooling – (isn’t that what we are calling it now?? I could swear it was made clear we aren’t traditional homeschooling and some days there is definitely trauma… ) – I’m curious as to what new things you may be trying or learning to pass the time.

As I’ve mentioned, I have been trying some new things myself. The wood-burning is going ok, though this past weekend I did burn a hole in my shirt and leggings when the burner lightly touched them while I was working. (Note to self – use a work surface that is NOT your body from now on…) . There’s something strangely therapeutic in burning something – is that wrong? 😉

no skin was harmed in the burning of these leggings

I’ve also gotten my seedlings growing for the garden. Not to brag, but last year my tomatoes were so huge they were over 6 feet tall and all my plants were so huge they were strangling each other … Okay, so not exactly ideal, however in my defense it was my first garden in a new climate zone and I did not expect such awesomeness. We shared vegetables with neighbors all summer we had so much. This year there was definitely a lot more spacing and quantity control planned. I’m hoping for similar results on a smaller, more controllable scale this year…

And, I’ve been getting into a little thing called podcasts. Yes, I know, I am waaayyy behind on this but I find it difficult to listen effectively without a visual. Never a fan of audiobooks. However, I’m finding that listening to podcasts helps keep me more present and calm, kind of like a background meditation. I put my headphones on and sit outside, or somewhere comfortable, and just close my eyes and LISTEN. I don’t know if it’s all the meditation I’ve been doing the last few months but it’s soothing and calming for me to listen to a story now. Shocking to me, too!

Anyway, my tastes are all over the place as I explore this crazy new land of entertainment and enlightenment. I love books that are inspiring and enlightening, making you think and question. And positivity is a plus, especially now. And do I even NEED to mention a little irreverent humor is always a plus? So naturally, I followed that line of thinking in exploring podcasts. So far, these are my favorites –

The RISE podcast with Rachel Hollis is one I find myself looking forward to on the regular. Uplifting and down to earth. As you can see from the episode I chose to screenshot, positivity and realism all in one. Love her!

This may be hard to imagine but I’ve got a great (sometimes borderline inappropriate!) sense of humor. I know, because I’m so very serious on this website you just can’t see it, right?? I know. Hard to imagine. And in the vein of humor AND enlightenment, I love Armchair Expert, hosted by Dax Shepard. It always makes me laugh, and always makes me think. This one I captured with Glennon Doyle is one of my faves.

In the vein of sometimes irreverent humor but thought-provoking truths, I’m also enjoying UNF*CK Your Brain with Kara Loewentheil. She is matter of fact and informative and totally gets that the brain can send you to some crazy places right now, and calmly reminds you that you can handle this.

i especially related to this episode

I have a huge list saved in my library that I’m just scratching the surface of, from happiness podcasts to financial podcasts and everything in between. Like a lot of you, I’ve got some occasional time on my hands and a squirrel-like mind to manage.

Any of you podcast fans? Someone must be. It’s statistically impossible that there are so many podcasts with me being the only listener.

What are you listening to lately? Anything that makes you laugh and takes your mind off the crazy world, or gives you hope is a suggestion I’d love to hear. You know how we love spreading positivity and lifting people up around here. 🙂

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