I’ve got mad skills :)

Hello, my peeps!

How the heck are you all doing? I know it’s seemed like the longest year ever and Covid has had us all at home and going stir crazy for what seems like forever, and I hope you are all are hanging in there!

Today I’m looking at the bright side of constantly being at home and having to find ways to entertain myself and be productive around the kids school. I’ll be honest, I am a die hard eternal optimist, so while I can be very realistic about life and things, I always tend to see the silver lining in situations. Even if it sometimes takes me a while, I get there eventually !

eternal optimist? Guilty as charged!

So, having that warning aside that there is positivity ahead, I ask YOU- what have you been doing in quarantine to stay sane and entertain yourself? Like everyone else, we have been working on A LOT of home improvement projects, some turning out great and some coming out good enough to get by. LOL (Anyone else relate to that?). I figure if nothing else, we are crossing items off our list! I have a love/hate relationship with our power washer, and painting anything, and sanding. Anything. Ever. Again.

The good news is, I am running out of things to use the above skills on (woot!) so I’ve also been working on some new creative outlets. My favorite by far is wood burning, or pyrography if you’re fancy. I think I mentioned in a previous post that I started out just wanting to make some christmas ornaments, and then enjoyed it so much I started burning a lot of things. (kind of like pyromania but without the fire?? ).

Pile ‘o wood circles waiting to become coasters/ ornaments/photos

I am NOT an artist in the sense that I can freehand draw well. Stick people, trees, mountains, maybe some flowers I can handle ok and even do well with after some practice. The rest I have to use templates and stencils for and then burn the design once it’s traced on the wood. More good news- it’s fun either way!!

Here are some shots of the process from copy to burn. Cool, right?

I also am making some coasters and small items for fun, and some signs for the house. I love funny signs and have a few in mind for the bathrooms around here…

So, getting started is easy. I bought one pyrography beginner kit from walmart and recently upgraded to one that was a little more ergonomically comfortable for me now that I am doing it more. It came with a lot more tips and some smaller stencils, and colored pencils. Which, of course, made me excited to learn to use those and ink colored pencils to color and stain some of these bad boys I’m making.

This is my current kit – I just got it and I can’t wait to get to using it!

I also am working on marrying my love of photography with wood burning/transfer and will share my progress with those techniques once I actually figure it out and get better at it! It’s a matter of finding the process that works for you, and I’m still working on that.

Also as you may have noticed some pine cones in some of the photos, I’m also going nuts making decor and ornaments out of these little freebies from all over my neighborhood. It’s super fun and quick, and there are so many resources for ideas on Pinterest. Here’s a quick peek of my pretties…

they’re lying down to dry while the “snow” glue dries, but still pretty!

There are tons of pinterest ideas for natural decor as well, and I’ll share more of those in future posts.

So what are your new Covid skills you want to share?

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