It’s a bird! It’s an … International Space Station??

Lots of interesting things are happening with this stay at home stuff that we wouldn’t pay too much attention to the longer it goes on. One of the more interesting was last night when we got a text from our neighbor alerting us to the International Space Station passing overhead, in case we were interested in seeing it. ETA 8:32 pm our time.

So like the already entertainment starved isolators we are, the whole family ran outside at the appointed time following the Hubster’s rallying cry. (I believe it went something like, “Get your butts outside so we can see the space station, hurry up!!” … or something super original like that.)

As we stood staring into the darkness we started to notice voices around us. Turns out all the neighbors around us were outside too, yelling to each other when they thought they saw something. Then it turned into yelling hello and other greetings across the darkness as we began to see silhouettes in driveways and yards. Finally, it became shouts of, “There it is over so and so’s house, do you see it?” that carried down the road.

I didn’t have a photo of anything resembling the sight so I borrowed this one, isn’t it gorgeous?
Photo by Quentin Kemmel on Unsplash

It was ten, maybe fifteen minutes max, We all watched as the bright point of light sped over us from behind our house, over the street and across the sky towards the huge light bulb of a moon. Then everyone yelled goodbye/goodnight to each other and slowly went back into their homes one by one.

We didn’t SEE anyone too clearly despite the streetlights as it was pretty dark for the most part. Everyone was at least a house distance apart or more. Yet even just hearing the voices in the dark was comforting, reassuring us that everyone is still there despite not seeing anyone much during the day anymore. Those few minutes of connection soothed my worried mind and heart somehow, quite unexpectedly.

It reminded me again why we are all doing what we need to and staying apart. Not just for ourselves, but for each other.

There are so many communities pulling together to support each other and cheer others up with reminders during the day, such as all the sidewalk art and scavenger hunt items placed in windows.

And tonight, in the darkness, we got what felt like a little social distancing hug from our neighbors that reminded us we are here for each other in the darkness too. Quite the metaphor for life right now, wouldn’t you agree?

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