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Hey everybody! Hope this Friday has you looking forward to some fun plans for the weekend! We have two more weekends before schools starts – even with it being online, there still is a definite end of summer vibe around here. And I can’t wait, if for no other reason than because a semi normal routine around here like going back to school is much needed after the last few months of COVID focus.

Today’s favorite is one of the tools we have used this summer to help our youngest with keeping and developing an open “growth” mindset. Whether your child is dealing with a diagnosed condition or just struggling with mindset in the time of this pandemic, we have found a wonderful resource we’d like to share with all of you!

In my continual searching for tools and ideas that may help our son, I came across a phenomenal website – http://www.gozen.com . It’s been a fun way to work on some very important life skills and help develop a more resilient mindset around here. You can download a free printable journal for both younger kids and for teens which takes them through several different ways to look at how they see themselves, and the world around them. That was the first thing we tried and our 16 year old really enjoyed it. (For the record, he is 16 but is probably closer to 12 in terms of emotional and mental maturity, so older kids who are more mature may find it a little young for them).

This website also has FREE PRINTABLES you can sign up to have delivered right to your inbox every Friday! Hello! Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially when it is so helpful and creative! Sometimes it’s a page or two, sometimes more. I have also gotten emails about free printable stories and activities that end up being more like a small story or journal. Both have been great resources for us and all the activities have been enjoyable. Sometimes they even send you free “motivational posters”, which end up being limited in size due to printer paper sized but can be colored and personalized however your child wants.

There are multiple programs depending on what you want to focus on- some help with anxiety, some with self confidence, etc – and there are complete programs you can purchase as well. You also receive follow up guidance and emails on how to use whatever you sign up for.

You’ll notice there aren’t any pics on this page, as we are respecting the request they make to not share images, only links, on your own page. So you’ll have to head on over and check this phenomenal webpage out and see for yourself how helpful it can be! They also have a blog and podcasts you can sign up for, which is awesome as everyone learns differently.

Let us know what you think if you check it out and how they have helped your kids as well! We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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