Favorite Things Friday

YAY! It’s not just Friday, it’s … drumroll, please … Favorite Things Friday! My list of favorites is long, but considering my food dealer revelation in the last post, this choice was a no brainer. Yep, I’m going to virtually feed YOU! 😉

I mentioned that Hubster decided to go keto and the challenge that has been during a time when it feels like comfort food should make up the majority of our diet. We are normally pretty healthy eaters, but we enjoy our treats and rituals like everyone does. So my challenge during this time has been to find keto treats that are not only healthier but also taste good. Because what is the point of eating stuff that doesn’t taste good, right?

it’s strawberry season here, and these babies are bursting with flavor!

Well, do I have a keto treat for YOU! OMG, this strawberry keto bread not is not only super easy to make – one of my criteria for a repeat performance – but it blew us away in terms of how delicious it was! I mean, melt in your mouth PHENOMENAL! You can find it over here at Kasey Trenum’s blog: https://kaseytrenum.com/strawberry-low-carb-bread/ .

this photo doesn’t do the flavor any justice, but it was actually the SECOND loaf as we ate the first one before I remembered to take any!

When she writes that it is mouthwatering, she is NOT kidding. We ate and gave away the first loaf literally within the first two hours of making it and made another one the next day! And, of course, we left more containers on the porch for both our keto and not keto friends and neighbors. Then we made it using blueberries and then raspberries. The base is so versatile it can be used for anything, which is my favorite kind of recipe to have.

Our favorite version is still the original strawberry. Hubster uses it as a fat bomb at times with his keto. It’s delicious for breakfast with a nice steaming cup of coffee, warm out of the oven with that sweet glaze soaking into the bread, or just as a snack anytime. The kids love it as a dessert, and I love that it’s healthier for them too.

The basic directions – dump all the ingredients in the mixer, add in the fruit, and bake. There are a few extra steps with melting butter or separating one egg white, but nothing you can’t handle, I promise! I always use parchment paper in my pans to make cleanup easier (and since the Hubster cleans the pans every day, he also appreciates the least amount of mess!) I did use oil spray once on the pan and while the bread still came out good, the outside of it was wetter and somewhat oily so I definitely recommend the parchment paper route. Especially for the glaze pooling benefit.

the batter is much thinner before the coconut flour goes in, and all mixes up in seconds in my KitchenAid mixer

Here’s a photo of the batter when it’s mixed all together with the coconut flour. When she says that it’s thick, she means THICK. No, you haven”t messed it up!

once the coconut flour is mixed in, it thickens up pretty quickly

My oven tends to run hot so I bake this for about 40 minutes but go by your own oven’s temperament and the recipe time recommendations.

I let the bread cool for about ten minutes before I just lift it out of the pan using the ends of the parchment paper and put it on my cutting board to finish cooling. I do leave it in the paper to help contain the overflow from drizzling that sweet icing over the top as well (not really for cleanup so much as for help pooling the extra so I can easily swipe some up with a finger 🙂 ).

AND don’t forget the part that takes it over the top – THE GLAZE! As easy as the rest of the recipe and so worth it! I’ve even played with the flavor a little and used almond extract versus vanilla and it was still delicious. I don’t know there’s much that can ruin this recipe in terms of variation.

just looking at this makes me drool…

I have made this half a dozen times in the last 2-3 weeks since we discovered it – it’s our covd -19 quarantine treat of choice! (Who knew that would be a thing? LOL). We’ve shared it, and the recipe, with everyone eating it. This last time I decided to shake it up and make it into little muffins using my dog paw muffin tin. While the muffins didn’t exactly look like dog paws – I’m highly suspicious this is partly due to operator error! – they are still little 3-4 bites of strawberry heaven. Perfect with your morning coffee, or for an afternoon snack.

The base of this is so tasty you could even leave the fruit out and it would probably still be phenomenal. The Fam requested the next version be with cinnamon and nuts without fruit so that’s our next round.

Try this out, peeps, you will NOT regret it. Let me know what you think and what variations you use, or share your own favorite covid-19 quarantine treat. I feel like this recipe has endless possibilities with little chance of ruining the wonderful base flavor. Happy eating!!

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