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Happy Friday, all! I’ve been doing some thinking, (always a potentially dangerous situation!!), and decided that instead of a favorite things page it would be MORE fun to do a weekly favorite things post on – wait for it – FRIDAYS!! One more reason to look forward to the end of the week. What will the Friday Favorite be this week?? Something amazing? Something fun? Just think of the anticipation and excitement!

Ok, THAT was a very dramatic, somewhat tongue in cheek intro, but I AM excited to share some of my favorite things. Again, I’m not paid for any of my ringing endorsements. I’m just putting some of my happy things out there for anyone interested in hearing about them (and sharing their own!)

In light of the current world situation and how much more tv/streaming we are all doing, I’m kicking things off with my new favorite show, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (https://www.nbc.com/zoeys-extraordinary-playlist). In my time zone, it’s on Sunday nights at 9 or 10 p.m. typically, though I tend to catch it on Hulu the next day.

Have you checked this show out? Because you need to! In the time of this crazy pandemic stress, I find I can only either watch things about heroes saving the world or making it better (whether The Avengers or demon hunters), or anything lighthearted that makes me feel good (whether its Pitch Perfect anything or Trolls the original movie. No judgment.)

How many times have you wondered what the soundtrack of your life would sound like? Or thought to yourself that a certain song would be perfect for this moment you’re in? We all have songs that transport us back to a certain point in our lives every time we hear them. In this show, the soundtrack of people’s lives plays out – as in, they actually break into song without warning! These moments range from being poignant to campy, but somehow always hit their mark.

Remember my post about music being a friend? Well, it’s practically a cast character on its own here. And seeing people sing out their hidden feelings is sure to tug at your heartstrings. You can feel yourself relating to the emotional charge of these song scenes (even if you can’t relate to the actual character).

Here’s a link to a fun zoom meet the cast just had, if you’re interested in that too! https://www.nbc.com/zoeys-extraordinary-playlist/video/jane-levy-and-cast-reveal-season-1-experiences-zoeys-extraordinary-playlist/4161842

The show is fun and original to watch, and also touches on a lot of themes we all can relate to in regards to finding your identity when you’re young, unrequited love, aging or sick parents, job stress. It’s all in there. Along with the stress of figuring out how to manage life with this strange new superpower that lets you see people singing their true feelings about things at unexpected moments. That last one isn’t EXACTLY something we all can relate to, but the stress and craziness of dealing with an unexpected life curveball is definitely a universal experience.

You can take a look at it here: https://www.nbc.com/zoeys-extraordinary-playlist

I love the humor, and quite frankly the fact that each intro ends with a bleep of someone dropping an F-bomb is awesomely irreverent. As an avid F-bomb dropper myself, I love seeing the realness of people cursing when things are crazy. Not a huge deal but still another little point of amusement for me (remember, easily amused!).

And some of my favorite actors lead this show! I’ve been a Lauren Graham fan since the Gilmore Girls (hello, my dog is named Rory!). Any Pitch Perfect movie is a great guilty pleasure, so Skylar Astin was fun to see. I was a Gleek back when it started and while I feel those first seasons were better than the last, one gem from the last seasons came in the form of Alex Newell. What an amazing voice!!

And of course, Jane Levy as Zoey. I never really saw her in much before, but I love how she plays Zoey as conflicted and struggling without making her seem less intelligent or whiny.

This show is packed full of phenomenal characters and actors and it makes me laugh and cry and feel hopeful every week. It reminds me of the purpose of this site- spread happiness, share your feelings, be there for each other.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I HIGHLY recommend you do. It could be your new favorite show too!

That’s my Friday Favorite for today! What are you watching to get through these looooong corona stay at home days?

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