Dog Days of Summer

Hello, friends!! And may I just say… UGH!

The worst part of the year for me is right now, when it is so HOT and there are no lovely breezes, and you are sweaty the second you open the door. Am I right? Nothing like being drenched in sweat before breakfast from just breathing. Add a pandemic that keeps you home, and now mostly indoors, to this time of year, and all I can say is … UGH!

So, what are we doing to try and keep from going crazy and killing each other through these few months stuck at home? We don’t have a pool, so swimming is out. When we were Florida dwellers we did, and even the dogs loved going in until about this time of year when it was warmer than bathwater.

We DO, however, feel fortunate to have some generous friends (Hi, Teresa!) who invited us to their lake house for the day this past weekend and that was amazing! We stayed outside and socially distant the whole time and wore masks when we had to go inside. But for the most part, it felt like life was normal again for a small point in time, outside and being in the water and fresh air, enjoying hanging with our friends. It did us all a world of good, I’ll tell you that for sure!

We were also lucky enough to spend a week in the mountains, where not only is it a peaceful change of scenery, but also a good ten or so degrees cooler than where we live. THAT was awesome! Just looking at a different set of walls and a different view from the windows helped with covid stay home sanity.

It also was apple season while we were there, which was a little weird to us as we associate apple season with fall. Regardless, we were so excited to get some freshly picked apples – I got so many I sliced and froze a ton for the fall apple pie season!

At home, we do what we can depending on the day. Honestly, some days are mostly hanging out, reading, watching brainless tv and staying in PJ’s all day.

We have been making ice cream (Keto for the Hubster, of course!) a few times a month. The kids have been learning to cook once a week, as the making dinner every single night ad nauseam was driving me CRAZY and I decided it was a good time to work on kitchen life skills! (I know you moms hear me on that one!). So far they have made multiple chicken dishes, homemade pasta, and fall-apart tender ribs in the instant pot. There is adult supervision of course, and recipes provided but for the most part, the teens take over the kitchen. And have done a respectably admirable job, I must say!

C has been trying out new keto recipes for Dad and her latest was this attempt at keto donuts. They tried her patience by sticking to the pan – and frankly, I feel like that clouded her view of how good they tasted – but they were delicious! And I am NOT a huge donut lover!

My garden has been hit or miss- we have gone from heat advisory level indexes to monsoon amounts of rain so they are either blistering or rotting in the ground. And, we came home from the lake to find something had bent the metal tomato cage around the tomato plants and also chewed at the tops of our lantana bush, so it would seem the deer have discovered the garden. Last year, the squirrels would mock me by eating my vegetables right in front of me, so clipping the netting to the cages had seemed to be successful this year. Until the deer… so, never a dull moment in the yard!!

sorry about the through the screen shot, but it was pouring rain and the yard was drenchedyes. that is bent metal around the tomato plant! what the…

I hope you are all finding ways to keep yourselves and loved ones safe and entertained, or at least less overwhelmed. With all the world stress – and now, school uncertainty in most places – we need all the little moments of happy we can get, wherever we can get it! What are your most fun ideas from this summer of covid?

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