Covid Brain is REAL

Well, here we are, still staying at home. Like Groundhog Day (the movie, not the national holiday). It’s been a few months now, and where we are things are slowly starting to open in phases. Our first phase isn’t a major change in the big picture, though more parks and stores are open with CDC distancing and cleaning guidelines. And masks are highly recommended.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. For me, being immunocompromised means that this is a much longer stay at home order than for others. And the uncertainty of this virus makes it hard to feel anything but worried about any of my family going out. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to the anxiety that this uncertainty brings.

even though it feels like time is standing still, spring is springing all around us

I’ve also noticed in addition to producing more anxiety, my brain has also been busy forgetting how to function with my daily activities. Seriously, have any of you noticed this yourself? I will notice halfway through the day that I have some article of clothing on inside out. I will look for things that are right in front of me and not be able to find them. (I’m becoming a teenager again! And not in a good way!!). I will walk around looking for something that is IN MY HAND. It’s like my brain is limited in its capacity for information at this point, and if I have to remember something big like a prescription, then something like plugging in the wood burner before I start to try to use it has to go. (I can neither confirm nor deny that this actually happened, or how long it took me to figure out the problem).

And remembering what day/month/season it is? Um … today. Today is my answer at this point because I can’t remember anything else without consulting a calendar or watch.

my son bought me this for Christmas last year-so appropriate every day now it seems! Look how pretty that coffee pouring into the cup is, while we’re at it… and a lovely dog hair from my perpetually shedding pug lying next to it. ugh.

I’d like to blame a lack of coffee but I drink my usual two cups in the morning for whatever good it does. According to my Fitbit, I am getting good quality sleep most nights. And I’m working out on the regular, along with the aforementioned keto enforced healthier eating, so I have none of the usual suspects to blame.

So I’m going to blame this stupid Covid stress, and call the condition Covid Brain. You have it too, don’t you? It comes and goes in intensity, and can’t be predicted to have any discernable pattern. Except that it consistently causes sometimes inappropriate glitches in my brain function. It affects your ability to remember what day/season/month it is at this point.

I’m trying to remind myself it won’t last, and to cut myself some slack. I’ve taken to using Covid Brain as my go-to reply when someone points out one of my strange faux pas. “Your sweater is on inside out. ” “Covid Brain. Leave me alone.”

Rory trying to figure out what the point of yarn is. this is about how life feels right now!

We’re all just doing the best we can to get through this strange and unsettled time. The kids are stressed not knowing when they can hang out with their friends again or if school will be accessible in the way they want it to be. (And really, whoever thought that the kids would be so excited to GO TO SCHOOL??). It’s not knowing how things will go that make things more anxiety-producing.

In my quest for new ideas for the site, I’ve decided we need to make a questionnaire just for this strange new time we are in. You know, with questions that are ridiculous in any other time of life. Here are some of my ideas so far:

What day is it? – Does anyone really know anymore?

How many times a week do you actually shower?

When was the last time you left your house and went outside? And were you wearing REAL clothes or pajamas at the time?

How gray are your roots right now? Here’s a photo I took two weeks ago trying to figure out my own gray hair to not gray hair ratio:

i’m super good at selfies and i have no gray hair – HAHAHA!!

What is the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten while staying at home?

What is the dumbest thing you’ve tried to do while in quarantine? – personally this one is the one I am most interest in 😉

What do you do to entertain yourself all day? – this one is obviously for people without kids and jobs right now.

How many home improvement projects have you started while at home? How many have you finished? – it’s the second question that is the most telling 🙂

This are just a few ideas and with my brain revolting at the overload right now, I could use some help with suggestions. Anyone got any ideas of something they’ve been dying to ask ? It can be ridiculous, or serious, or just for fun! Between all our Covid brains, I bet we can come up with some entertaining stuff. So let me have it! (and I promise to write it down right away so I don’t forget … once I find my pen …) 😉

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