Change is Hard…

So, an update from my own little corner of the world and a pre-apology note for possibly being a bit lax on blog posts for the next month or two.

After several years of discussion and planning (and painting, and decluttering, and repainting!) our family has decided to move from Florida to the Carolinas. It’s for a myriad of reasons, really. I grew up in New England till I was in my 20’s and still have lots of family up there.  My husband’s family is from the OH/MI areas. We got tired of everyone being so far away. We got tired of fighting crappy school systems for services for our son, questionable medical care, relentless heat, and a gazillion people everywhere we went. We decided we want a slower pace of life, with different overall values and mindsets than where we currently are.  Our daughter wants to go to college in the Carolinas and establishing residency there is paramount to reaching that goal.

And when we decided to really do it?  All the pieces fell into place so quickly we were spinning. Our house was under contract in two days close to asking price. We found a great house that our offer was accepted on. As soon as the kids finish school, we leave for our new life. Literally the next day.  As excited as we are, there are a lot of unknowns and change is hard on everyone. We truly believe this is the best move for our family in so many ways, but it certainly isn’t without stress. Lots and lots of stress!

we will miss the beautiful beaches

The first thing we do after getting there is take a week (while we wait for our furniture and stuff to arrive) is go visit some of that family we have been missing. My husband and I are both lucky enough to have wonderful extended families who are always happy to see us and who make the effort to come visit us wherever we are, and we are super excited to be able to see them all more often now.

Our new house is the first house that has felt like home to me in a long time. There’s just something about it, and I knew it from the second we saw it. To me, that is a huge sign we are doing the right thing. The kids love it, the dogs love it. It just feels like it was always meant to be part of our story. We already met one of our new neighbors at closing and she is super nice, and assures us this is the kind of place we are looking for.

We are sad to be leaving our friends and family in Florida, and there are so many small details about a settled life that now need to be reset- doctors, dentists, hair people, vets etc. etc. etc… It’s an overwhelming list-which I am dealing with by making lists everywhere. Literally everything will be new. Which can be really scary…and exciting at the same time!

Love the fall colors and can’t wait to live in it again!

We are very grateful that we have good friends who already live where we are moving who have helped us with everything from realtor suggestions to neighborhood suggestions. Nice to have someone’s hand to hold when the world is changing, even when you can’t wait for the change. We are grateful that our realtors on both ends were so easy to work with and so good with dealing with the nerves that come with an interstate move. We are relieved that if nothing else we seem to have one nice neighbor to look forward to. We had a few here in Florida, and they will definitely be missed.

And we were reminded over and over in this process, that we are blessed to have such great friends and family to miss and support us through such a big life changing event. We have plenty of guest space for them to come visit, and hope they do. Maybe they should get some letters from this site as well !

Happy summer everyone! Here’s to great changes and better times ahead!

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