Be the Good

I have always loved that simple saying. I have a wooden wall hanging on my living room wall that I love even more because it takes that saying a little further. It simultaneously says, “Be the Good”, and “Believe There is Good in the World.” Believe is my favorite word, and this little wooden sign is a powerful reminder for me about faith and how one person can make a difference.

one of my favorite simple yet powerful pieces in my house

We see so much of this everyday, especially now, even though it seems so much easier to dwell on the negative we are surrounded by. Our neighborhoods have been chalking sidewalks to cheer people up, participating in picture scavenger hunts and all sorts of little things to cheer up adults and kids alike during this stressful time. I can’t even tell you how happy it made me to set out on one of my limited walks outside one day and see positive messages all over the sidewalks I was on. (Really, it doesn’t take much to make me happy to begin with, but this really lifted my spirits!)

People are pulling together to help in communities big and small all over the country. Offers to buy and deliver groceries or supplies for those who can’t do it themselves. People making masks and caps for hospital workers. Donations of food to our front line caregivers to make sure they take care of themselves, and to food pantries making sure those hardest hit among us have food to eat.

Even major athletic leagues and players are donating to keep people paid who work in their arenas. Huge donations from corporations and celebrities to causes that help fight this virus and support those who do.

Focusing on those stories makes me feel better. I bet you completely understand. They make me feel hopeful that when the worst of this has passed we remember and keep some of this spirit of unity, helping people in need without hesitation.

what loving your neighbor looks like in today’s pandemic

Know what gets me most in my big mushy heart? All the people making sure to tell people they love them, standing outside hospitals and homes with signs and waving through windows. People reaching out to strengthen human connections and remind others how much they mean in our lives. People banging pots and pans, applauding out windows and balconies and doors by the hundreds and thousands to make sure those on the front line can feel the love as well. Love for our fellow human beings on the front line who we may not know personally, but who we love for their bravery and strength everyday in impossible situations. People showing love in any and every way they can think of to make sure it gets heard and seen and felt.

People being the good in the world.

That, my friends, is the whole spirit and meaning behind this website. Our purpose is to help and encourage that exact spirit of sharing love, and human connection. On a little bit of a smaller scale, of course!

We hope you are finding some use in our templates and ideas, which we are always working on and updating. (Got some suggestions for more? Bring ’em on, we love more ways to show love!).We hope they are helping you keep your family connected as well as helping when words are hard to find. There’s no better time to use them! If not now, when?

Exactly. That’s what I said! 😉

Be the good. Believe there is good in the world. Look for the helpers, they are everywhere. They are us.

Mr. Rogers would be so proud.

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