Welcome to The Cheryl Project!

Whether you were referred directly to our site or stumbled upon us accidentally, we are so happy that you’re here and hope you stay a while!

This project has truly been a labor of love.  Writing a blog wasn’t something I ever saw myself doing, though friends had suggested it before.  Then my friend got sick. Cancer sick. And just the thought of her not physically being here anymore scared me and broke my heart.

The more I thought about and remembered all the ways she changed my life, the more it mattered to me that I let her know somehow. I didn’t realize how hard putting that into words would be- until I tried to write her a letter and tell her all the ways she changed my life.

For weeks I’d try to write and just end up crying in frustration, scared I’d run out of time before my mind would get to work. I’m usually pretty good with words, so this was new territory for me. 

And then one morning about 5 a.m., I woke up hearing these words in my head (or maybe my heart) – “It’s time.”

So I made some coffee (because 5 a.m.), climbed back into bed beside my sleeping husband, and opened my computer. And the words poured out. It was such a relief and a gift, and I cried the whole time. I felt like there was someone else guiding my fingers over the keys and handing me the words I hadn’t been able to find.

And I knew I’d found a purpose, and a way to honor my amazing friend –  to help guide other people’s fingers over the keys. Help other people to speak, and ask, and spread love to others in a way that is hard for a lot of us to do. Create a positive space to share happiness and fun and connection.

And that’s how The Cheryl Project was born.

one small idea taking root…

The recurring message Cheryl shared with me from her diagnosis was to LIVE NOW and don’t wait. Say what you need to say, and share and DO and enjoy your life.  She shared how much my letter meant to her and we had some amazing conversations because of it.

We wanted everyone to have the chance to do the same because people deserve to know how much their lives matter, that their life made a difference to someone. Who wouldn’t want to hear about that? We all need to hear that we matter, and this site will hopefully give you some tools to tell people exactly that. 

Whether it’s silly preferences or serious history, or childhood – sharing answers on these questionnaires we have can help you get to know people in a whole new light and help you understand them better. Which makes us all feel closer, right?

 The great thing is we are with the ones we love RIGHT NOW, and there’s no better time to tell them what we love about them, how much they mean to us, and to find out more crazy fun details about what makes them tick!


So we invite you to jump in and spread some love today! Use these letter templates and personalized questionnaires to help guide YOUR hands over the keys and spark some amazing conversations. Share some love and gratitude and appreciation, or just get silly and have some fun.  (They aren’t mutually exclusive!).

We hope you find this a space of connectivity and positivity and sharing, and that you keep coming back for more.

We’re so happy to see you here! Join us and spread the words!